Fearing The Conversation

It has never been clearer that some companies fear social change more than anything else. When you think about it, it is actually quite shocking but at the same time it makes perfect sense. For them, this change where the client and consumer have more power than ever is a scary world. These companies fear what social media is all about … The Conversation.

Fortunately, the modern business world has no room for insecure people with egos larger than their products. Integrating social into your business takes the key ingredients of thick skin, honesty, passion, patience, and believing in what you are doing. Organizations that roll forward with social change and figure out how to use it for their business are going to crush it. Companies that slap up a Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn page and call it a day are doomed.

For example, say that Joe’s T-shirt business is a company that lies to its customer base about the number of T-shirts it sold last year, thinking it will drive future sales. In the social world, no one cares about how many T-shirts Joe sold that year. Lying about numbers sold will not get consumers to purchase a T-shirt and will actually cause them to reject and speak against your company and your product. Providing a great product that they can’t live without and offering excellent customer service are once again the cornerstones to success.

The great news is that if you are a company built around honest and open communication with your clients and your customers and you make great products, then you have absolutely nothing to fear. The social world was built for you to shine and showcase your passion. In the same regard this spotlight will also shine on your competitors whom are suspiciously absent from the conversations.

Smart CEO’s and business leaders have already figured this out. They are actively blogging on their company’s website. They are genuinely interested in understanding why users use their products as much as they are focused on the bottom line. In the future they will interact with and seek out their company followers online. They are playing by the business rules of 5 to 10 years out and not 10 to 15 years in the past.

If you think the fact that these social platforms all favor open and honest businesses surviving is just a coincidence, we urge you to look a little deeper into the founders of today’s most popular social sites. Sure, these people wanted to do great innovative things in business. But they were also tired of the push marketing movement that had existed in advertising and marketing since the beginning of business. They wanted to empower the audience and level the playing field for the consumer. Take a look around, it has worked and this is real.

People are always shocked that the secret to succeeding at social media for business is as simple as the age-old statement of … Just Be Yourself.

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